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What we do

Only 39% of the work day is spent on real work. The rest — over 60% — is wasted sifting through emails, coordinating meetings, and searching for company information. That's nuts. 🥜

We've got an answer to that problem — a straightforward and meaningful way to manage work. Plan is project management, your agenda, and intranet deeply integrated with important tools like Github, Zendesk, Invision, and more.

And that's just the beginning. We're setting out to build the central brain for companies in all industries around the world.
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Who we are

Our product fosters straightforward and meaningful collaboration between people everywhere. What we do starts with who we are and the team we're building.
Marketing and Customer Success @ Plan. Training and competing for the US National Rowing Team in the mornings. 🚣️
Professional ass-kicker, gym addict, tweeting for @getplanapp and trying to juggle way too many hobbies!
Head of iOS @ Plan. Experienced executive in the Mobile / High-Tech sectors with a strong focus on strategy, product management and app development.
iOS Engineer at Plan. Currently studying at Lviv Polytechnic National University in the telecommunications department!
Leading engineering at Plan from our servers to the clients. I ❤ productivity and effective engineering. Previously at Twitter and CBS Interactive.
Cofounder @ Plan. GDE in Web Technologies and Angular. Formerly @Twitter, @Framestore & Taranto☀️☕️
CEO @ Plan. Formerly @LSVP, @JPM • @Princeton University • NYC
Why we do it
We take pride in building a product that brings joy to people's work-lives. Here are just a few comments from our 25K active users:
I LOVE YOU, DUDE. Plan is legit the best thing— the BEST thing— I’ve ever encountered. I literally discovered it two days ago and it was changed my life. CHANGED MY LIFE, I TELL YOU!
😍 Niko N.
OMGawd… I just signed up for @getplanapp and I’m seriously in love! This is the calendar I’ve been searching for!!
💌 Ariel R.
To one and all at Plan.
I am a mere mortal who wishes to express that I love what you are doing. It screams of everything I have wanted in my life
🙏 Curtis A.
I love Plan. I've used it almost exclusively for tasks and todos for the past year and always come back to it when I mistakenly try another option.
🙌 Lauren P.
I am currently having a love affair with Plan and I would like to take this relationship to the next level. How can I join the Mac Beta?
🎊 Joey B.
I was struggling a lot to organize all my work and may clients until I found Plan. I'm loving your app, I tried a lot of to-dos apps and this is the most complete and most simple to work with. Love it
😍 Joao P.
I think you guys are on the way to becoming on of the best Team/Project Managment tools. Great UI design and really intuitive!
👏 Cornelius H.
Hi! Love your software, it may revolutionize my life! Thanks!
🎉 Ana A.
Just downloaded @getplanapp. Best I’ve used for calendar + task mgmt in one place. Awesome job guys!
❣️ Pete D.
Ten seconds in: I ❤️  @getplanapp. The best tools seem obvious & indispensable in hindsight. Thank you for doing the lords work
🍅 Erik R.
The app you guys are hosting at is fantastic! It is hands down the best task management app I've ever used.
🎁 Tianming Z.
It is exactly what I was searching for. A kind of to-do app, managed in a calendar, but much more than that.
✅ Helder N.
I was really looking for a product like yours and I have to say its beautiful and simple at the same time. I’m still amazed at the quality of what you built. Keep up the awesome work!
🔥 R. Heb
I have been testing various different tools in my job as project manager (wunderlist, trello, asana, podio, favro, notion etc.) but your calendar based approach just makes a lot of sense to me. I already feel I have a much better overview of my tasks and my days.
😎 Mads E.
Just discovered @getplannapp Awesome!! This could be the best productivity/ project management app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
⭐️ Zied S.
If that'd be a saas with payment options, I'd already bought a subscription. Absolutely. I worship simplicity of the app and I like the way you've reimplemented Calendar very much.
✨ Nate G.
Design: A+
Productivity: A+
Layout: A+
User-Friendliness: A+
See what that spells? It spells AAAAA, aka “aaaaahhh,” aka the sound of a satisfied customer. ily!!!
🤩 Jeff N.
I recently started using your app and I love it!!!! Best time tracking app I have ever used.
💫 Navin K.
@getplanapp Loving Plan so far- any chance I can grab a sticker for my laptop? I'd love to rep Plan every day.
😲 Nick A.
@getplanapp nice. :) Great job, love the app ❤️ thank you!
👯‍♀️ Lizzy C.
Loving @getplanapp, great job guys
🙌 Barney H.